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The Noon Number

The Noon Number: Osh Got the Power

A look at some powerful production from the Caps’ winger

The Afternoon Number: Sam-my! Sam-my!

A look at a strong start to the postseason for Ilya Samsonov

The Noon Number: Going All In

A look at the one time pulling the goalie has paid off

The Noon Number: Leading the Way

A look at the captain’s prolific consistency

The Noon Number: Stepping Up

A look at a strong effort in relief

The Noon Number: Net Assets

A look at a new member of a netminding club

The Noon Number: All Hands on Deck

A look at how the Caps provided a balanced attack last night

The Noon Number: On the Road Again

A look at the Caps’ history of kicking off a series away from DC

The Noon Number: You Got No Fear of the Underdog

A look at a big gap between the Caps and Cats

The Noon Number: Big Ol’ Donut

A look at a rough run of powerlessness for the Caps

The Noon Number: Firepower

A look at a sustained level of offense over the years

The Noon Number: Justin Time

A look at a recent offensive surge by the Caps’ blueliner

The Noon Number: Centuries

A look at a historic year in the East

The Noon Number: Desert Dogs

A look at the Caps’ odd run of rough times in Arizona

The Noon Number: Six-Pack Attack

A look at a lot of offense coming from the team’s defense

The Noon Number: Besting the Best

A look at the Caps’ success against some of the league’s big dogs

The Noon Number: A Playoff Pair

A look at another run for an iconic Caps duo

The Noon Number: Lucky and Unlucky Sevens

A look at some high-octane game sets

The Noon Number: Goal-Happy Birth Day

A look at a date that produced some pretty great goal-scorers

The Noon Number: Sibling Rivalry

A look at a big night for Mom and Pop van Riemsdyk

The Noon Number: What the Eller

A look at a rule-breaking run by the Caps’ top Dane

The Noon Number: Back it Up

A look at the Caps’ recent success with minimal rest

The Noon Number: Battles in the ‘Burgh

A look at the Caps’ history in Steeltown

The Noon Number: D-lightful

A look at a big night for the Caps’ big man on the blueline

The Noon Number: Charged Up

A look at a potentially high-octane battle ahead

The Noon Number: Two of an (Un)Kind

A look at a rare defensive implosion at home

The Noon Number: Two-Minute Warning

A look at some rough starts for the Caps in DC

The Noon Number: Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

A look at how the Caps have come back from extended breaks in the schedule

The Noon Number: First-Round Foe

A look at who the Caps might be seeing when the playoffs roll around

The Noon Number: A Cold Six-Pack

A look at a rare defensive implosion by the Caps

The Noon Number: Setup Men

A look at a current crop of captivating Caps

The Noon Number: T Train

A look at a career year for Wilson