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The Noon Number

The Noon Number: Thanksgiving Appetizers

A look at how the Caps have fared on Thanksgiving Eve

The Noon Number: Killer Instincts

A look at how the Caps are locking things down when shorthanded

The Noon Number: Traveling Band

A look at a recent stretch of city-hopping

The Noon Number: Samson-ON

A look at how all he does is win, win, win no matter what...

The Noon Number: The Kids Are Alright

A look at how the youths are taking over.

The Noon Number: Martin Short-y

A look at a rare feat for a Caps’ defenseman

The Noon Number: Such Gentlemen

A look at how the Caps have kept things nice and legal this season

The Noon Number: Evgeny of All Trades

A look at Kuznetsov’s versatility

The Noon Number: Great Expectations

A look at how the Caps should be scoring more

The Noon Number: Another One Bites the Dust

A look at a growing list of goalies victimized by Ovechkin

The Noon Number: Keeping the Lid On

A look at how the Caps have kept a tight rein on opponents’ chances this season

The Noon Number: A Pair of Fine Pairs

A look at not one but two Caps’ defensive duos that are off to an impressive start

The Noon Number: Hot Start

A look at how the Caps fared in the first month of the season

The Noon Number: Leading the Way

A look at how the Caps prefer to be in the lead so far this season

The Noon Number: Even Strength

A look at the Caps’ ability to strike at five on five

The Noon Number: Catching Gretzky

A longtime record held by the Great One falls...

The Noon Number: Willy or Won’t He?

A look at a hot start for the top line’s third wheel

The Noon Number: Saving Grace

A look at a strong start for the Caps’ netminding duo

The Noon Number: Get Shorty

A look at a rare goal-scoring feat by the greatest goal-scorer of all time

The Noon Number: The Children Are Our Future

A look at the start of a new youth movement for the aging Caps

The Noon Countdown: There Can Be Only One

A look at what it’s all about.

The Noon Countdown: Climbing the Ladder

A look at just another goal-scoring achievement well within reach for #8

The Noon Countdown: Opening Act

A look at how T.J. Oshie likes to get things rolling

The Noon Countdown: Empty Calories

A look at how many Caps got some insurance for the team last year

The Noon Countdown: Apples of our Eye

A look at the multi-talented Nicklas Backstrom

The Noon Countdown: Spreading the Wealth

A look at how the Caps shared the goal-scoring duties last season

The Noon Countdown: Second to None

A look at where the Caps have finished in their division over the years

The Noon Countdown: Country Roads...

A look at a power shift for the Caps last season

The Noon Countdown: High Heat

A look at how Alex Ovechkin likes to go top cheese

The Noon Countdown: Here Comes the Judge

A look at how Nic Dowd (aka Judge Judy) has provided an extra offensive boost from the fourth line

The Noon Countdown: How Do You Like Them Apples?

A look at Wilson’s ability to dish out something other than big hits

The Noon Countdown: Vanecek Him Out

A look at a surprise rookie performance in net