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The Noon Number

The Noon Countdown: Red Lights from the Blueline

A look at how the Caps’ defense provided a boost in offense

The Noon Countdown: 60 and Done

A look at how the Caps got the job done in regulation last season

The Noon Number: Anything But Free

A look at a piece of the summer ahead for the Caps

The Noon Number: Four All the Marbles?

A look at how Game 4 might be even bigger than you think

The Noon Number: No Lead is Safe

A look at a history of late-game fate

The Noon Number: Pretty Tied Up

A look at a staggering coincidence (or is it a coincidence?)

The Noon Number: Close Contact

A look at a long history of heart attack-inducing games

The Noon Number: Capital Punishment

A look at a physical start for the Caps in Game 1

The Noon Number: Sweet Sixteen

A look at what it’s all about

The Noon Number: Red-Hot Lavi

A look at a highwater mark set by Caps’ coach

The Noon Number: Chicken (McNuggets) and Raffls

A look at some late game heroics from the new guy

The Noon Number: Familiar Foes

A look at some veterans getting ready for another postseason clash

The Noon Number: Even Steven

A look at how the Caps are leading the way at evens

The Noon Number: Manhattan Melee

A look at a feisty affair for the Caps

The Noon Number: More Than Their Fair Shear(y)

A look at some bargain bin booms

The Noon Number: Sprongtime for Wins

A look at a rare trifecta for the Caps’ hottest goal-scorer

The Noon Number: Lavi’s Choice

A look at an ongoing tough choice for the Caps’ coaching staff

The Noon(ish) Number: Productive Post-Season Pair

A look at familiar playoff partners

The Noon Number: Perfect Attendance (For Now)

A look at The Captain’s can’t-miss opponents to date

The Noon Number: Red Lights from the Blueline

A look at how the Caps’ defense is chipping in on offense

The Noon Number: Welcome Back

A look at a long-delayed - and eagerly awaited - return

The Noon Number: A Special Win

A look at a rare feat the Caps pulled off on Saturday night

The Noon Number: A Scoreless Win

A look at a rare occurrence last night in Uniondale

The Noon Number: Road Warriors vs. Home Cooking

A look at a clash between teams comfortable in their surroundings

The Noon Number: Springtime Special

A look at how the Caps’ special teams have been pitching in

The Noon Number: Power Shortage

A look at how one area of the Caps’ power play has held it back

The Noon Number: Saucy Swede

A look at just one piece of what makes Nicklas Backstrom a legend in the making

The Noon Number: On Point(s)

A look at Caps’ multi men

The Noon Number: This is 40

A look at some of the Great 8’s favorite victims

The Noon Number: Chonkington Capitals

A look at the weight the Caps are going to be throwing around the rest of this season.

The Noon Number: Boston Two Party

A look at a bunch of goals from a bunch of guys

The Noon Number: Uneven Outcome

A look at a rare drought on the offensive side