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Gallery: Alex Ovechkin's NHL Uniforms

A look at all the sweaters the Caps captain has worn in the NHL

Capitals-Kings: The Night in Pictures

Despite the Caps loss, you know you want to see these photos from Smokin Al Koken to Evgeny Kuznetsov's first NHL goal.

Capitals-Maple Leafs: The Night in Pictures

Photos from the titled end of the ice.

Capitals-Canucks: The Night in Pictures

44 Photos of the Kuznetsov show leading the Caps over Canucks

Capitals-Penguins: The Night in Pictures

Red Jesus Jr debuted, so there was that

Capitals-Coyotes: The Night in Pictures

41 shots of Jaroslav Halak's Capitals debut

Capitals-Flyers: The Day in Pictures

37 shots of good and bad from a Sunday afternoon.

Capitals-Jets: The Night in Pictures

29 shots of the Caps shooting down the Jets

Capitals-Islanders: The Night in Pictures

Clyde's Shots returns with 27 shots of the Caps and Islanders. That's something, right?

Capitals-Sharks: The Night in Pictures

Another game, another shootout, another 36 Clyde's Shots

Capitals-Sabres: The Night in Pictures

43 shots of the Caps and Sabres

Clyde's Shots: Fans of 2013

Some shots of fans and more at Verizon Center in 2013.

The Year in Pictures

Calendar Year 2013 provided Caps fans with plenty of moments and images that won't soon be forgotten.

Clyde's Shots: Penalties of 2013

The penalties of 2013

Clyde's Shots: Fights of 2013

Caps fights of 2013

Clyde's Shots: Hits of 2013

The Capitals Greatest Hits of 2013. Perhaps not, but it sounds good, right?

Clyde's Shots: Hugs of 2013

The hugs of 2013.

Clyde's Shots: Best of 2013

The 110 best Clyde's Shots of 2013

Capitals-Ducks: The Night in Pictures

Even though the Caps lost to the Ducks, you can't tell from these 64 shots...except the last one.

Capitals-Devils: The Night in Pictures

48 Shots of the Caps taking their lumps from the Devils

Capitals-Flyers: The Night in Pictures

38 shots of another Capitals come from behind win. This time, over the Flyers.

Capitals-Lightning: The Night in Pictures

39 shots. 4 goals. 1 win.

Capitals-Predators: The Night in Pictures

When Alzner and Schmidt score, you know the shots must be good. 40 Clyde's Shots of the Caps over the Predators.

Capitals-Hurricanes: The Night in Pictures

34 shots of the Caps and Hurricanes

Capitals-Canadiens: The Night in Pictures

49 shots of the Caps over the Habs

Capitals-Senators: The Night in Pictures

32 Shots of an NHL hockey game as high school romance that starts a little up and down, but mostly fantastic until someone's heart gets ripped out.

Capitals-Canadiens: The Night in Pictures

33 shots of the Capitals losing to the Canadiens, but Wayne Gretzky was there.

Capitals-Blues: The Night in Pictures

The Caps may not have shot a lot to beat the Blues, but Clyde did.

Capitals-Blue Jackets: The Night in Pictures

34 shots of the Capitals crashing nets, scoring goals and almost letting bad things happen

Capitals-Wild: The Night in Pictures

The smiling continues in 33 shots from the Capitals win over the Wild.

Capitals-Islanders: The Night in Pictures

35 smile filled shots of the Caps defeating the Islanders

Capitals-Panthers: The Night in Pictures

59 photos of the Capitals win over the Panthers, or said another way, 2.57 Clyde's Shots for every Caps shot.