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The Noon Number: NHL Old-Stars

A look back at some All-Star history for a goat and some other guys

2007 NHL All Star Game Set Number: X77359 TK1 R2 F0

3 - Number of remaining active players from Alex Ovechkin’s first All-Star Game back in 2007, with Ovechkin (duh), Sidney Crosby, and Eric Staal rounding out the trio from that long-ago game in Dallas.

That high-scoring affair from 16 years ago pitted the Eastern Conference against the Western Conference, ending in a 12-9 victory for the West - but not before Ovechkin got on the scoresheet:

Eight of the players from that game - Brendan Shanahan, Marian Hossa, Martin St, Louis, Martin Brodeur, Roberto Luongo, Nicklas Lidstrom, Joe Sakic and Teemu Selanne - are now in the Hockey Hall of Fame. And three of Ovechkin’s teammates that night would go on to be teammates in DC, with Zdeno Chara, Cristobal Huet and Justin Williams all spending time in DC alongside Ovi.

Here are the full rosters from that game back in 2007 (via Hockey-Reference):