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A Message from Your Japers’ Rink Team

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As you may have already heard, Vox Media - owners of SB Nation and all the fabulous sports sites on this network - announced earlier today that they would be laying off about 7% of their workforce. Unfortunately those layoffs will impact a large portion (if not all) of the network’s hockey sites... including us.

So far all we’ve been told is that the site will no longer be managed or financially supported by Vox Media, and that our contract agreements with the company expire at the end of February.

More information is coming as to the future of this site and all the others impacted by this news, and we are currently exploring our options as we await further updates. Nothing is finalized and we have no immediate plans to shutter Japers’ Rink altogether. Right now, our priority is in continuing to provide coverage of the team and sport we love, and continuing to maintain the great community we have built here over the years.

Whatever else can be said about our parent company, it has been a pleasure to be part of a truly awesome, creative network of hockey writers, all of whom are now in the same boat as us, and we hope they are all able to continue doing the great work that SBN sites have become known for.

We are also so thankful for and appreciative of all of your past, present, and hopefully future support, and hope to keep this community alive and kicking for as long as we can.

Stay tuned...