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802: The Bobblehead

Treat yourself to a commemoration of an epic milestone

Winnipeg Jets v Washington Capitals Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Disclaimer: We’re compensated for this post.

If you didn’t get quite what you’d wished for over the holidays (or even if you did), you’re in luck: FOCO still has a small number (emphasis on small) of Alex Ovechkin goal #802 bobbleheads left for pre-order of the 802 they’re making, and they make the perfect gift from you to you.

The detail on these pieces are worthy of the achievement itself, from gray hair to the yellow skate laces and will look great on your desk or shelf over the next couple of years (months? weeks?) until... well, you know.

via FOCO

You can order yours and see more detail here, and note that “product will be updated to best match in-game uniform,” which makes it even cooler because that’ll be the reverse retro kit:

And if you’re more of a #800 than #802 fan, FOCO has you covered for that milestone tally as well.

Kick 2023 off right and embrace The Gr8 Chase.