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The Noon Number: Desert Dogs

A look at the Caps’ odd run of rough times in Arizona

Washington Capitals v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

4 - Number of wins earned by the Capitals in 16 visits to face the Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes since they moved to the southwest back in 1996. The Caps have an overall record of 4-8-2-2 in the roughly 26 years since, for a lackluster points percentage of .375 over that span.

Three of those four wins have come in the salary cap/Alex Ovechkin era (with the first back in January of 2006, a game that featured a pretty famous goal), but the Caps have lost seven of their last nine and four of their last five in Arizona.

They’ll get a shot at win #5 when they hit the ice in Glendale late tonight.