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The Noon Number: Back it Up

A look at the Caps’ recent success with minimal rest

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

4 - The number of times this season that the Capitals have won both games in a back-to-back set, including each of their last three sets. The most recent was over the weekend, with the Caps taking the first game in Pittsburgh Saturday afternoon and returning to beat Boston on home ice yesterday.

The Caps have played 11 back-to-back sets overall, and have won at least one of the two games in all but one of those (the exception being visits to Minnesota and St. Louis, where they did at least pick up a point in the second game vs. the Wild). They’ve won the second game of the set six times overall and the first game eight times.

As the regular season shifts into the final stretch, the Caps will have one more back-to-back test awaiting them in the final two games of the season, when they head to the boroughs of New York to take on the Islanders and Rangers.