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Capitals vs. Devils Recap: Caps Grab a Win on Nicklas Backstrom Night

It was a little bit too close for comfort at the end but the Caps squeak out a 4-3 win over the visiting Devils

New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals

Tonight the Caps celebrated the magic that is Nicklas Backstrom

Because it’s Nicky night, there can be no minuses (especially since the team won) so here’s tonight’s plus/plus/plus:

Plus: A well-deserved celebration of the greatest center to ever pull on a Caps’ jersey was also a classy but understated one - just like the recipient. And then to have Backstrom add a goal of his own? Well, that was just the shine on the apple.

Plus: Connor McMichael scoring a goal? In this economy??

Plus: The apples. The apples were glorious.

And now, your beautiful bouncing moment of the night:


So the Caps wrap up a successful back-to-back and return to their winning ways at home - which is good, because next up they’ll be hosting the Carolina Hurricanes, Monday night right back at COA.