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The Noon Number: Go Joe

A look at a solid start for a Caps rookie

Ottawa Senators v Washington Capitals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

7 - Number of points earned by Joe Snively in his first 10 NHL games, making him one of just 12 Caps in history to have as many to start his career, and just the third since 2005-06 (joining Alex Ovechkin and Andre Burakovsky). The franchise record is one of the few not held by Ovechkin but actually belongs to Chris Valentine, who scored 17 points in his first ten games back in 1981-82 (en route to an impressive 67 points in 60 games his rookie year).

Snively’s production comes at a nice, wallet-friendly clip, with the third-lowest cost-per-goal rate in the league of just over $25,000/goal and third-lowest cost-per-point rate at $14,372.