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The Noon Number: Two for One

A look at a rare two-spot for a Caps rookie

Washington Capitals v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

8 - Number of Capitals in franchise history who have scored their first and second-career goals in the same game, a group which now includes Herndon’s own Joe Snively.

Snively’s two-goal performance against the Habs last night was the first time a Cap had achieved this feat since the great Alex Ovechkin launched two goals against the Columbus Blue Jackets in his NHL debut back in 2005. Snively and Ovechkin are the only two Capitals to have done so in the 21st century.

Here’s the full list of two-goal scorers:

  • Joe Snively - 2/10/22 vs. Montreal
  • Alex Ovechkin - 10/5/05 vs. Columbus
  • Glen Metropolit - 11/3/99 vs. Ottawa
  • Peter Andersson - 3/1/84 vs. Pittsburgh
  • Torrie Robertson - 12/2/81 vs. Calgary
  • Bengt Gustafsson - 10/16/79 vs. Los Angeles
  • Paul Nicholson - 12/5/74 vs. Buffalo
  • Mike Marson - 11/19/74 vs. California Golden Seals