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The Noon Number: Squad Goals

A look at how the Caps’ offense

NHL: NOV 03 Capitals at Red Wings Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

5 - Number of wins for the Capitals when they’ve scored three or more goals. In fact, all five of their wins have been earned when scoring at least three goals in a game, and they are 0-5-2 when scoring 2 or fewer. They are one of four teams - along with Montreal, Vegas, and the Rangers - who are undefeated when putting up three or more goals this year.

That said, so far in 2022-23 it’s not unusual to see a low offensive output result in a loss, regulation or otherwise. Of the 126 times a team has scored fewer than 3 goals this year, only 13 of them have resulted in a win for that team (although another 14 have ended in overtime or a shootout loss).

(h/t Tyler Anderson)