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The Noon Number: Throwback Threads

A look at some retro results

New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

49.8 - The Capitals’ points percentage during the “Screaming Eagle” era of jerseys (1995-2007), with an overall record of 383-387-89-43 during that 11-season run. That’s well below their overall franchise points-percentage mark of 53.4, to say nothing of their red-white-and-blue results of 54.5% (pre-1995 and post-2007 combined).

Of course, as cursed as that old logo was, it was also the logo worn by the first - and until 2018, the only - Capitals team to play in the Stanley Cup Final, to say nothing of being the first logo worn by this kid:

Washington Capitals v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images