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Capitals vs Senators Recap: Backstrom Brings the Filth in Overtime to Win It

Alex Ovechkin’s two-goals are enough to get the game to overtime, where Nicklas Backstrom brought home the two points.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

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Looking to get right amidst a modest case of the midseason doldrums, it looked like a date with the lowly 11-20-2 Ottawa Senators could be just what the doctor ordered. The Caps got off to a slow start, but two Alex Ovechkin goals (eggplant emoji) got the game to overtime, where Nicklas Backstrom sealed the deal. Caps win 3-2.

Plus: Ovi scored. Twice. Win or lose, these occasions becomes larger and larger each time they transpires.

Minus: A slow start against a bad team.

A few more notes on the game:

  • It didn’t take long to open the scoring, as Thomas Chabot beat Vitek Vanecek from long distance on the first shot of the game. Peter Laviolette alluded before the Bruins game that Vanecek had a chance to “take the reins”, but as has generally been the case with the Capitals’ current stable of goaltenders, the reins remain unpossessed.
  • With 2:42 left in the first period, Dennis Cholowski drew a penalty to put the Caps on the power play. Why is this important? Because presumably the Caps would be able to generate a shot on that power play, which was not something they had accomplished to that point. I refer you again to the first sentence of this bullet point for emphasis.
  • That power play did generate some shots by the way, but it did not score a goal. This is not even remotely surprising to you.
  • 6 minutes into the 2nd period, former Capital Zach Sanford extended the Senators lead to two goals. Today you learned that Zach Sanford a) is still in the League, and b) plays for the Senators.
  • The Caps had an opportunity to get the game back into reach with another powerplay opportunity towards the end of the second, but also failed to convert on that. Show us your surprised face in the comments.
  • The Caps started hot in the third period with a long sustained shift in the offensive goal that ended with Alex Ovechkin’s 28th goal of the season, and his 758th of his career.
  • 758. Once you’re breathing this type of air, you get two bullet points per goal on occassion.
  • 759. Fuck yeah.
  • This one needed extra time, where some absolute filth by Nick Backstrom in overtime brought two much-needed points home for the Caps.

Up Next: The Capitals host the Golden Knights in what’s sure to be a tough one on Monday Night.