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The Noon Number: Getting Ratioed

A look at a glass that is both half full and half empty

New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

6.07 - The ratio of even-strength-to-power-play goals the Caps have scored this year, the highest ratio in the League (Jersey is second at 5.77; . The Caps’ difference between the two (91-15=76) is third-highest on the circuit, behind Florida (103-22=81) and Vegas (98-18=80). All told, the Caps are third in the League in even-strength tallies and 24th in power-play markers.

Visually, it all looks something like this:

(For the purposes of this number, even-strength is defined as 5v5, 4v4 and 3v3, and power-play as 5v4, 5v3 and 4v3.)