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The Noon Countdown: Two and Done?

A look at how coffee is for closers

Washington Capitals v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

26 - Number of days remaining until the start of the Capitals’ 2021-22 season. But it’s also...

... the number of wins the Caps had last season when leading after two periods, third most in the League. Granted, their two regulation losses in such scenarios was tied for most on the circuit, but having the lead after two periods in half of your games ain’t bad (they only trailed after forty minutes 13 times, and did win two of those games, so we’ll call it even).

Since today’s birthday boy, Alex Ovechkin, entered the League, the Caps have won 467 regular-season games when leading after two periods (second only to San Jose’s 468), and have the League’s highest win percentage in those games (.893). Shorten that timeframe by a couple of years and the Caps are alone in first. You get the point - lots of leads and lots of wins. Not a bad run.