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The Noon Number: Sprongtime for Wins

A look at a rare trifecta for the Caps’ hottest goal-scorer

Washington Capitals v New York Rangers Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

3 - Number of consecutive Caps wins in which Daniel Sprong scored the game-winning goal, including last night’s victory over the Rangers.

In franchise history, no player has ever scored the game-winner in three-straight regular-season games (though Sprong would have, had the Caps had been able to hold on after taking a 4-3 lead last Thursday). But the feat that Sprong just pulled off (GWGs in three-straight Caps regular-season wins in the same season) has only been accomplished ten times previously, most recently 13 years ago:

  • Daniel Sprong, 4/24/21 - 5/3/21 (span of five games)
  • Alex Ovechkin, 1/31/08 - 2/6/08 (four games)
  • Kip Miller, 1/22/03 - 1/30/03 (five games)
  • Jaromir Jagr, 10/12/02 - 10/23/02 (five games)
  • Peter Bondra, 1/13/01 - 1/24/01 (five games)
  • Peter Bondra, 11/13/97 - 11/23/97 (five games)
  • Dino Ciccarelli, 3/17/92 - 3/27/92 (five games)
  • John Druce, 11/6/90 - 11/21/90 (eight games)
  • Bengt Gustafsson, 2/7/86 - 2/18/86 (five games... but four game winners!)
  • Mike Gartner, 10/31/84 - 11/17/84 (eight games)
  • Guy Charron, 3/5/77 - 3/25/77 (nine games)

There are some all-time great Caps on that list (and also Jaromir Jagr and Kip Miller). But the greatest game-winning goal streak in club history actually occurred in the playoffs - a “natural hat trick” of GWGs, three games, three game winners. And it belongs to not Alex Ovechkin or Peter Bondra or even John Druce, but...

  • Craig Laughlin, 4/5/84 - 4/12/84