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The Noon Number: Chicken (McNuggets) and Raffls

A look at some late game heroics from the new guy

NHL: Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

3 - Number of seconds left when Michael Raffl scored last night’s game-winning goal, making it the fifth-latest regulation go-ahead goal in team history, and the latest on home ice in more than 37 years. Here’s that top-five:

via Hoceky-Reference

That Joel Ward goal, as you will no doubt recall, came in the first game of a second-round playoff series. Good times (that didn’t necessarily last).

Of course, Raffl’s goal also gave Caps fans something more than just momentary joy - it gave them...

Hopefully you’re enjoying some McNuggets as you read this... and hopefully you’ll be enjoying more Caps wins in the very near future.