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The Noon Number: Power Shortage

A look at how one area of the Caps’ power play has held it back

Washington Capitals v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

5.5 - The differential between the Capitals’ power play percentage on the season (27.6%) and their net power play percentage (22.1%), which takes into account shorthanded goals given up. That’s the largest dropoff between PP% and net PP% in the League, with only seven other teams even topping a 3% difference and none of them going above 3.9%.

The Caps’ red-hot power play has risen to second in the NHL this season (just barely trailing first place Carolina at 27.9%), and should it hold, would be the highest power play percentage for a single season in franchise history. But for every five power play goals scored, they give one back shorthanded. The Caps have given up a League-worst seven shorthanded goals this season (.15 per game), including two in the last three games and three in their last seven.

For a team that struggles to get chances with the extra man - their power play opportunities per game is 2.76, sixth-lowest - they’re sure fond of wasting them.