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The Noon Number: Taking Care of Business

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A look at the Caps beating the teams they gotta beat

Washington Capitals v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Sara Schmidle/NHLI via Getty Images

.950 - Capitals’ points percentage against the two worst teams in the MassMutual East Division this season, via a 4-0-0 record against the Devils and a 5-0-1 record against the Sabres (and, yes, they probably should’ve won that other Buffalo game too).

And the club’s points percentage against the second-through-fifth place teams in the Division isn’t too shabby either, as they’ve gone 10-4-3 against the Islanders, Penguins, Bruins and Flyers for a .676 points percentage (which would rank eighth in the League on its own).

Oh yeah, we’re forgetting someone. The Rangers. The Caps are 0-2-0 against the Broadway Blueshirts, and now would be the time to get right against them, with six games remaining against them, including four before the month of March is over, starting... tonight.