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Capitals vs. Devils Game Thread

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Another matinee (thanks, Tahoe!) awaits the Caps with the Devils in town for the first time

NHL: JAN 16 Devils at Capitals Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday’s matinee didn’t go so well for the Caps... but luckily (?) they’ll get another shot at it with the Devils in town. New Jersey is the last team in the division that the Caps have yet to face, and they arrive in town fresh off their own matinee loss yesterday (but with a new captain in Nico Hischier, which is... a choice).

Oh, and there’s a new face between the pipes!

Mike Vogel has all the preview info you’ll need for this one, and of course check out our pals over at All About the Jersey for the view from the other side.

Have at it, babes!