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The Noon Number: 40-Minute Men

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A look at the Caps’ ability to put together two good periods

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

0 - Number of times that the Capitals have trailed after two periods this season, joining the Panthers as the only two teams to have accomplished that feat (with the Panthers having played only five games total).

The Caps have been ahead after the first forty minutes in five of their ten games, and tied after forty in the other five. Of those five with the lead, they’ve won four of them, last night’s loss their only blemish to date.

Not surprisingly, their goal differential by period pretty much supports the overall trend - they’ve outscored opponents by a combined 30-21 over the first forty (13-8 in the first, 17-13 in the second), with their third-period differential pretty even until last night’s fiasco.