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The Noon Number: Thrill Ride

A look at how Caps’ games have been chock full of entertainment

Philadelphia Flyers v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty Images

7.17 - Average number of goals scored - by both teams - in Capitals’ games so far this season, the highest of any team in the league.

The Caps have scored 43 goals in 12 games, or 3.58 goals per game, which is the third-highest behind only Toronto (3.67) and Tampa (3.71). On the flip side, they’ve given up 43 goals in those same 12 games, (which, for you math wizards out there, also works out to 3.58 goals per game) for the fifth-worst goals-against rate.

So a little good, a little bad... but always entertaining, right? Right?