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The Noon Number: Pauses and Postponements

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A look at the pandemic’s impact on the schedule so far

NHL: Washington Capitals at New York Rangers Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

34 - Number of games postponed by the NHL so far this season due to issues with COVID, including all three of the Caps’ games this week - yesterday’s rematch against the Flyers and a pair in Buffalo Thursday and Sunday.

Only 11 teams have not had a game postponed yet: the seven Canadian teams that make up the North Division, Anaheim, Chicago, Columbus and Detroit (although the Ducks may not be on that list much longer).

Minnesota, New Jersey and Buffalo have (unsurprisingly) had their schedules impacted the most, as three of the teams to have shut down for a portion of the season, with six rescheduled games on the books. Colorado and St. Louis are right behind with five apiece, and Dallas, Carolina, Arizona and Florida have been rescheduled four times.

The three rescheduled games for the Caps this week are the first three of their games to be postponed, although they have had other games added to their schedule as other teams’ postponed games get moved around.