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The Noon Number: Center of Attention

A look at a temporary center’s history in the dot

New York Islanders v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty Images

46.2 - T.J. Oshie’s career faceoff percentage since debuting in the NHL back in 2008-09. Despite having primarily played as a right wing, Oshie has taken quite a few faceoffs in his time - 1756, to be exact, with 812 wins to his name. He’s taken at least 200 draws in five different seasons, four of which have come during his time in DC, and he’s posted win percentages of at least 50% in two of those (including last year).

Here’s a look at his work in the faceoff circle since becoming a Capital:

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You may be asking yourself, why is this relevant? Well...