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The Noon Number: Full Speed Ahead

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A look at how the Caps have done at taking - and holding - a lead this season

Washington Capitals v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin K. Aller/NHLI via Getty Images

104:16 - The amount of time the Capitals have spent with the lead at five-on-five so far this season, most in the NHL. In fact, they’ve only trailed at any strength for less than 13 minutes over their first four games (third-lowest amount of time in the league), and have scored first in three of the four.

The flip side, unfortunately - and part of the reason why they’re 2-0-2 instead of 4-0-0 - is that they’ve given up more scoring chances than anyone else, and given up the second-most high danger shot attempts, while leading (although score effects of course come into play).