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Capitals vs Islanders Game 2 Recap: Too Many Men, Not Enough Goals in 5-2 Loss

The Caps again fall victim to the quick-strike capabilities of the Isles and take a 0-2 series hole into the weekend.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-New York Islanders at Washington Capitals Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Good: Nothing really. The penalty kill was good even though they got scored on once but it was an unlucky goal. The first 10 minutes were also good with another 10 minutes span that bled from the end of the 2nd into the 3rd.

The Bad: Everything else. The Capitals still look out of sync: passes not on tape, shots not getting on net, Holtby not making big saves, they continue to just throw pucks off the glass to get the puck out.

A few more notes on the game:

  • The Capitals got off to a good start. Ovechkin scored less than a minute in which was huge after how game one went. The first 10 minutes in general, like the beginning of game one, was how the Capitals usually play: smart, fast, hard.
  • But the second half of the first was rough for the Caps and it went that way in the second period as well.
  • The Capitals took another penalty (their fourth one) early in the second and NYI scores. The PK was perfect in the playoffs, 14/14 up to that point, but it was bound to break and it did. Leddy lucky shot tipped off Siegenthaler’s stick and in.
  • After the Caps iced the puck about 300 f’ing times because they insist on either throwing the puck up the glass or make 100 foot passes to leave the zone, the Islanders scored off another turnover.
  • Luckily The Captain stepped up and made a great tip in to tie the game up.
  • ...but Vrana turned the puck over at the offensive blue line which led to Cap killer, Brock Nelson, on a break away and everyone knew he would score. That turnover cost Vrana a spot in top 6; Panik took his spot over that.
  • The Caps played a strong last five minutes of the second period and it bled into the third period where they had some good scoring chances, even when Kuznetsov passed on a golden opportunity. He had a great back hand pass but instead tried to pass it through a couple guys to Oshie, who didn’t see the pass in time.
  • The Caps finally got a powerplay and did their usual dump it in, lose it, chase it back and repeat. They did got another one, and though it looked better, nothing went in. Ovechkin had a wide open net and missed. It wasn’t in his wheel house but was still able to get some power on it. It hit the net outside the post.
  • The Islanders sealed the deal with another lucky goal that went off of a Capitals stick in the air off an Islander player hand and in.

The Capitals have to figure something out or they’ll be swept. Right now they play the right way for some of the time but get in these 10 minute spurts where they let the other team score a handful of goals.

They need to clean up their game, get passes on sticks, hit the net when they can, and need Holtby to make a great save here and there. Right now nothing is going their way. They’ll need to work hard to make it happen. They’ve been down in an opening series before 0-2 and ended up winning the Cup. All hope isn’t lost, but it’s disappearing quick.