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Get to Know an Islander: Anthony Beauvillier

As part of the build-up to the first-round playoff series between the Capitals and the Islanders, Japers’ Rink will be looking at some of the important Isles players and how they might impact the series.

Washington Capitals v New York Islanders Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

Anthony Beauvillier

#18 / Left Wing

Height: 5’11” | Weight: 182 | Born: June 8, 1997

Birthplace: Sorel-Tracy, QC | Acquired: Drafted 28th, 2015 (NY )

Assets: Is highly skilled with plenty of speed, puck-handling ability and offensive creativity. Can play both wing and center. Is equally good at scoring goals and setting up linemates. Owns leadership qualities.

Flaws: Needs to become a more disciplined player overall, and his lack of optimum size (5-11, 170 pounds) is not ideal for the National Hockey League level. Therefore, he needs to become stronger.

Career Potential: Quality, determined and versatile forward with upside.

(Via TSN)

Why You Should Know Who He Is: Anthony Beauvillier had the difficult goal of trying to make a Barry Trotz top six roster as a youngin’. We all know how much Trotz loves to play his vets over anyone who doesn’t know what Seinfeld is. But Anthony was able to force his way into the top six through out the year with his strong play. He continued that play in the play in round with the Florida Panthers leading the team with five points in four games. He’s fast, skilled, and smart that’s playing wing to notorious Cap killer Brock Nelson. It will be a line the Capitals will need to keep an eye on.

How the Caps Can Stop Him: The same way you stop any skilled player: keep them in their own zone. If you can keep him out of the offensive zone he can’t use his offensive ability to hurt the team. He’s decent defensively, but certainly isn’t a stalwart so it won’t be too difficult to outwork him in his own zone. If it’s not possible to keep him out of the ozone then it’s about slowing him down. Don’t give him open ice or space to work his speed and skill. The Capitals will need to be on him like white on rice to keep him contained.