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Caps Clips: Shut It Down (...for Now)

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The NHL suspends play indefinitely (plus a note from the editors)

Boston Bruins v Columbus Blue Jackets - Game Six Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images

As COVID-19 continues its rapid spread - including into the NBA - the NHL has made the right call and has suspended play indefinitely:

  • Statements from the NHL, the Capitals, and Caps’ majority owner Ted Leonsis on the season suspension.
  • While pausing indefinitely, Gary Bettman and the NHL are hopeful that the season will be able to resume and a Cup will be awarded this spring/summer. [NHL]
  • Navigating the unknown is tricky for players and coaches - but they all support the League’s decision to hit the pause button. [NHL (and again)]
  • Hear from some of the analysts on the decision to stop the season. [NHL video (Friedman, Rosen)]
  • Breaking down why the NHL made this call, whether any teams are directly impacted by the virus at this time, and what comes next. [ESPN, The Score]

Editors’ Note: These are tricky times to navigate as hockey writers, fans, and members of the global community. While sports can offer us all an escape from the often harsh realities of the real world and just the normal stresses of everyday life, there are times - like this - where the real world has to take precedence.

On that note, it’s likely that you will see a change in what we’re offering here over the coming weeks. We’ll likely be suspending the daily Clips posts for the most part after today, as it’s unlikely much hockey-centric news will be breaking - but if and when there is something to report, we’ll bring that to you in some format.

We’ll also do our best to provide some sort of content as often as we can — because even when focus shifts elsewhere to more important things, everyone needs a little corner of the internet in which to breathe and we hope we can still be that for all of you. In that same vein, the weekly open threads will continue, and we invite everyone to use that space for all discussion, hockey-related or otherwise.

Rest assured that as soon as the puck drops again, whether that’s later this spring or to ramp up for the 2020-21 season, we’ll be back to full strength and ready to provide the coverage we love to bring and hope you enjoy.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and of each other. Wash your hands. Check in on friends and neighbors. In times like this, community is so important — and we hope you’ll all continue to be a part of ours as we weather this time together.

Love and hockey hugs from all of us here at Japers’ Rink.