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The Noon Number: Mild, Mild West

A look at Alex Ovechkin’s relative lack of success against some upcoming opponents, as he continues his quest for 700.

Washington Capitals v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

.42 - Alex Ovechkin’s goals-per-game rate against both the Colorado Avalanche and the Arizona Coyotes over his career, his lowest rate of production. Ovechkin has faced the Avs and ‘Yotes 19 times each since debuting in 2005-06, with a line of 8-8-16 against Colorado and 8-11-19 against Phoenix/Arizona. He also has career-low shooting percentages against those two teams, with a mark of 8.9% against Colorado and 8.3% vs. the Coyotes.

In fact, the next three teams the Caps will face on this Western Conference road trip make up three of the four teams against which Alex Ovechkin has yet to crack double-digits in goals in his career. Along with the eight goals against Arizona and Colorado, he’s added another three (granted, in just five games) against Monday’s opponent out in Vegas; Vancouver rounds out the group, having given up just nine goals to Ovechkin in 20 games played.

Of course, when it comes to at least one of these teams... we might just opt for quality over quantity: