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The Noon Number: Home Woes

A look at a rough run at home

NHL: FEB 10 Islanders at Capitals Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

3.50 - The Capitalsgoals-against per game at home since the start of 2020. The Caps have played the third-most home games (10) since January 1 and have given up 35 goals, racking up a highly mediocre record of 5-5-0 over that span. While they’ve actually posted decent numbers in terms of even-strength CF% (54.40%, 6th-best) and even-strength SCF% (54.18%, tenth), it’s likely that much of that is due to score effects - their xGF% at home over the last six weeks is just 49.89%, 20th overall.

Both goalies have taken their lumps in that 10-game run, each starting five games and getting pulled once; Braden Holtby has posted a miserable .851 save percentage in his six appearances (2-3-0), while Ilya Samsonov has seen his numbers take a hit as well with a .913 save percentage (3-2-0).