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NHL Releases Key Dates, Rule Change

It’s getting closer, folks.

Washington Capitals v Columbus Blue Jackets - Game Three

With plans for the 2020-21 finalized, the NHL has started rolling out some of the important details, including some key dates to keep in mind:

  • Dec. 31: Training camps open for the seven teams who did not participate in the Return to Play/2020 postseason
  • Jan. 3: Training camps open for the remaining 24 NHL teams
  • Jan. 13: Regular season begins
  • April 12: Trade deadline - 3 p.m. ET
  • May 8: Final day of regular season
  • May 11*: Stanley Cup Playoffs begin
  • July 9*: Last possible day of Stanley Cup Final
  • July 17: Deadline for teams to submit protected lists for 2021 NHL Expansion Draft
  • July 21: 2021 NHL Expansion Draft
  • July 23: First round of 2021 NHL Draft
  • July 24: Rounds 2-7 of 2021 NHL Draft.
  • July 28: Free agency opens (12 p.m. ET)

*subject to change

On top of those critical dates, the NHL also announced a long-overdue change to the offside review (via @FriedgeHNIC):

And if you were curious about how officials will manage these strange times and closed borders...

More to come - amazingly enough, hockey’s just around the corner!