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Tuesday Caps Clips

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: There’s some hockey stuff but also hey make sure you vote!

Michigan Voters Line Up At The Polls On The Last Day Of Early Voting Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Get the rundown on what is known and unknown about plans for the 2020-21 season. [ESPN]
  • Much has been made about the team’s limited prospect pool, but it’s not without its gems - and here are three prospects to watch this year. [S&S]
  • While it’s okay to get excited about netminding legend Henrik Lundqvist joining the Caps, remember that Ilya Samsonov is still the goalie of the future. [NBCSW]
  • Happy 51st birthday to Jim McKenzie.
  • And finally, on this Election Day we simply hope that everyone who is able to do so exercises their right to vote and that those votes are counted - because no matter who you cast your vote for this year, your voice matters!