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2020 NHL Draft: Round 2-7 Open Thread

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Talking Day 2 of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft

2020 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Zach Guerette/NHLI via Getty Images

With the 211th overall pick (and their final pick of the day), the Caps have selected

With the 179th overall pick, the Caps have selected goaltender Garin Bjorklund.

via Elite Prospects

From Elite Prospects:

As a goaltender, one of the biggest keys to success is confidence, and Bjorklund has it in spades. He’s not afraid to make a snazzy glove save or toss in a pad stack just to spice things up. He’s got the agility and the toolkit. His hands are plenty active, and he’s got great conditioning. He’s got the longevity to endure even the messiest of performances in front of him.

With the 148th overall pick, the Caps have selected center Bear Hughes from the WHL.

via Elite Prospects

From Elite Prospects:

The most exciting part of Bear’s game is that he’s, well, a bear on the puck. Strength allows him to win battles from disadvantage positions and shrug off checks. He keeps the puck across his hips, putting weight over stick and making him tricky to dispossess. With pressure bearing down, he integrates look offs and changes of pace to misdirect defenders.

Read more about the kid’s fascinating path to the NHL draft here.

With the (long-awaited) 117th overall pick, the Caps have selected RW Bogdan Trineyev from Dynamo Moscow 2.

via Elite Prospects

Day 1 is in the books and the Caps got their man at #24; now it’s on to Day 2, and Round 2-7 await. Prep yourself for the rest of the draft with our own draft expert Luke Adomanis’s top picks for the Caps:

Day 2 begins at 11:30 a.m. ET and can be viewed on NHL Network (in the US) and Sportsnet (Canada). After yesterday’s move up to grab Hendrix Lapierre, the Caps are down to three picks in the remaining rounds (for now):

  • Round 4 - 117
  • Round 5 - 148
  • Round 6 - 179

We’ll update this thread with the picks as they come in, and then keep an eye out for a recap, with more Luke analysis, once the draft is over.

Happy drafting!