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Sunday Open Thread

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NHL: FEB 23 Penguins at Capitals Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to today’s open thread, where we invite you to talk about all things hockey. Here are some potential topics:

  • Do you think the NHL will be able to return on January 1 the way they’re hoping to? What might a return to play look like this time?
  • Who do you think Seattle will take from the Caps in next year’s expansion draft?
  • Best and worst offseason moves by the Caps so far - go!
  • With the addition of Henrik Lundqvist, are the Caps now the most handsome team in the NHL... or was that a title they already held? Show your work.

Or whatever else tickles your fancy.

As the end of October draws near, we all hope you’re all staying healthy, safe, and (relatively) sane.