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The Noon Number: Storm Chaser

A look at Alex Ovechkin’s ability to rock the Hurricanes

Carolina Hurricanes v Washington Capitals - Game Seven Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

51 - Assists for Alex Ovechkin against the Hurricanes over the course of his career, the only team in the NHL he has at least 50 assists against. In fact, no other player has had more overall offensive success against the ‘Canes since their move to NC in 1997; Ovechkin has racked up 92 points in 79 games vs. Carolina, 18 more than any other active player (and just narrowly edging out Martin St. Louis for the lead, although MSL played 83 games against the ‘Canes).

Interestingly enough, Ovechkin has picked up more assists than goals against the Hurricanes over the years, with “just” 41 goals (which also leads all players since ‘97) to go along with those 51 helpers. Carolina is one of just seven teams in the NHL that Ovechkin has flipped his usual script against; they are one of just three of those teams, along with Florida and New Jersey, that he’s faced more than 20 times in his career.