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The Noon Number: Forever a Cap

A look at a franchise great who’s sticking around

NHL: DEC 14 Capitals at Lightning Photo by Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

934 - Number of games played for the Washington Capitals by Nicklas Backstrom, fifth-most in franchise history. Over the course of those 934 games, Backstrom has set a new franchise record in assists (currently at 668 and counting), and trails only Alex Ovechkin in total points (908) and power-play points (368).

His 13 seasons with the Caps have been filled with serenely spectacular performances, impressive milestones and, most notably, a Stanley Cup... and thanks to his new deal signed earlier today, we get at least five more years of one of the greatest to ever pull on a Caps jersey.

Naturally a moment like this calls for deep introspection and understated reflection, as befits the Caps’ quietest superstar...