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The Noon Number: Slow Starters

A look at how the Caps have stumbled out of the gate of late

Washington Capitals v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

5 - Number of times over the last 18 games - dating back to the start of December - that the Caps have had the lead after the first period. The first period hasn’t been a particularly strong suit of the team all season, but it’s become more pronounced during their recent midseason troubles; over the last 10 games, they’ve been outscored in the opening frame 11-4.

A lot of that has stemmed from simply giving up the game’s first goal, something the Caps have done in each of their last four games, eight of their last nine, and 13 of their last 18 (again, since December 1).

And while they’ve proven that they’re able to execute comebacks both mild and completely improbable, playing from behind is hardly a solid game plan going forward... especially as the grind of the second half and an increasingly tight playoff race begin to take their toll.