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Sunday Open Thread: The Day the Capitals Drunkenly Took Over DC

One year ago today: Baseball, beer, fountains, beer, Cup stands, beer, tattoos, beer, pasta, and... champagne.

San Francisco Giants v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Happy Sunday, and happy one-year anniversary to when a drunken group of Capitals conquered DC. Just a few of the highlights below...

Getting the appropriate wardrobe together:

Pre-baseball game media session:

Ovi’s opening pitch(es):

Just a few cold ones at the Nats game:

The now infamous “Cup stand” begins:

After one drinks headfirst from the Cup, there’s only one thing left to do - go for a swim:

Time to split up - half to Georgetown for pizza and tattoos...

...the other half to Cafe Milano for more drinks and singing:

And finally, to the roof! Because... that’s safe.

Of course, the festivities didn’t end there or for many days after, but it was on that Saturday that a jubilant Washington, DC area embraced this hockey team... and they embraced the city right back.

And no one died.

What a moment.