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The Noon Number: A Constant Presence

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A look at one of the team’s biggest workhorses

Montreal Canadiens v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

22,988:46 - Number of regular-season minutes played by Braden Holtby since his first full season back in 2012-13, the most in the League. Holtby’s games played (399) and starts (393) both also lead the pack over that span, and he’s got a significant lead in wins with 243 (next on the list is Tuukka Rask with 218).

Unsurprisingly that hefty workload hasn’t prevented him from putting up sparkling numbers - he’s racked up 32 shutouts (third-highest total, behind Sergei Bobrovsky (33), Marc-Andre Fleury and Tuukka Rask (34 each), with a .918 save percentage.

The work isn’t limited to the regular season, either. Holtby’s playoff ice time of just over 4600 minutes trail only Corey Crawford (4662:06) since 2013, with the second-most wins (41, also just behind Crawford’s 43), 7 shutouts (second only to Fleury) and an impressive .926 save percentage in 75 games played.