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Friday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes.

World Cup of Hockey via Getty Im

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Taking a look back at the 2018-19 campaign for John Carlson. [Rink, RMNB]
  • Ditto for T.J. Oshie. [Peerless]
  • Five of the six Caps at the World Championship will get underway today, as Russia takes on Norway and the Czech Republic plays Sweden. [IIHF]
  • The Caps may need to shed some salary this summer - and that could leave Matt Niskanen out in the cold (or at least on the trade block). [NBCSW]
  • A little more on Hershey’s playoff ousting via sweep Wednesday night... [NBCSW, NoVa Caps, StarsandSticks]
  • ...and where that leaves the Caps’ prospects. [NBCSW]
  • The year in review and a look ahead for prospect Riley Sutter. [NoVa Caps]
  • How to get through to Evgeny Kuznetsov and more in part 2 of this week’s mailbag. [NBCSW]
  • The pick order is set for this summer’s entry draft (at least up through spot #27), and for just the second time in franchise history the Caps will draw at lucky #25. [NHL]