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The Noon Number: Goaltending Duel

A look at how two elite netminders have fared against each other’s squads

Washington Capitals v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

.889 - Carey Price’s regular-season save percentage against the Capitals over the course of his career, his second-lowest against any franchise in the League (behind only Edmonton at .860, and tied with Vegas, albeit with only two games against the Knights). Price has faced the Caps 25 times since making his NHL debut back in 2007, posting a 7-13-5 record over that span (with one shutout).

Not surprisingly, he has been lit up numerous times over the years by Alex Ovechkin; the Caps’ captain has scored 20 goals against the Habs’ star netminder over the last decade, with six multi-goal outings thrown into the mix.

On the other side of the ice, Braden Holby has had pretty much the reverse career against Price’s Canadiens. Holtby is 12-2-2 all-time against the Habs, with a .971 save percentage, a GAA of 1.72, and two career shutouts... in fact, the only team he’s tormented more than the Canadiens over the years are their arch-rivals the Bruins (16-3-0, .946, 1.80, 4 shutouts).

The two former Vezina winners will face off tonight in a matchup rife with potential playoff implications - past numbers aside, one would expect both of them to bring their best.