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The Noon Number: Seventh Heaven

Carolina Hurricanes v Washington Capitals - Game Five Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

16 - Number of times in franchise history that the Capitals have had a playoff series go seven games. The Bruins lead the League with the most overall (27), but the Caps are tied with the Flyers and Blues for the most among post-expansion teams, with only the Penguins (17) have played in more.

When it comes to success in those Game 7s, of course, we all know the history - the Caps’ .313 win percentage (5-11) is one of the worst in the League, and dead-last among teams that have had at least ten Game 7 appearances (only Buffalo at 1-6, Winnipeg/Phoenix/Arizona at 0-5, and Ottawa at 0-6 have lower win percentages overall, with Vegas joining the club at 0-1 last night).

They’ve improved a bit during the Alex Ovechkin era, going 4-7 in 11 tries since 2008 and winning their most recent attempt last season en route to the Stanley Cup.

Of their 16 Game 7 experiences, 11 of them have been on home ice, with three of their five wins (and eight of the eleven losses) coming in front of the home crowd.

Most importantly, of course, is that none of that really matters; past events, whether they occurred 10 years ago or two days ago, go out the window when the Caps take the ice against the Hurricanes tonight.

Winner takes all.