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The Noon Number: Untied

A look at how infrequently tonight’s combatants have been all square

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Washington Capitals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

1218:26 - Amount of game time this season that the Caps have played with the score tied, second-lowest in the League to tonight’s opponents, the New Jersey Devils (1119:55). Interestingly enough, the top five teams here (and six of the top ten) are all Metro Division clubs:

via Natural Stat Trick


Anyway, the Caps have played the second-fewest minutes tied, the second-most leading (Tampa) and the sixth-fewest trailing. As for tonight’s game, the Caps and Devils have played twice so far this season, and in their 120 minutes of game time, they’ve only been tied for 10:53, which would appear to be very on-brand.