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The Noon Number: Slowpokes

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A look at some sleepy starts for the Caps

Washington Capitals v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

5 - Number of consecutive games in which the Capitals have given up the game’s first goal in the opening five minutes. It’s happened seven times since the start of February, and 19 times overall this season, which trails only San Jose (21) and Chicago (22) for the most in the League.

Two of the five early goals in this streak also occurred in the first minute of the game (both against the Rangers, somehow) - something the Caps have done five times this season, second in the League behind only Calgary (6).

The good news is that they’ve become quite adept at bouncing back from these early strikes. They’re 11-5-3 in games in which they’ve ceded the first goal in the opening five minutes, including wins in four straight, and are tied for fourth in the League in wins when their opponent scores first (14; Tampa leads with 18).