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The Noon Number: Shot Chaser

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A look at just another little piece of history for #8

NHL: Washington Capitals at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

13 - Number of seasons in which Alex Ovechkin has accumulated at least 300 shots on goal, a mark he hit again last night when he put 11 shots on Andrei Vasilevskiy (i.e. roughly a fifth of the franchise-high 58 the team fired at the net). That moves him past Bobby Hull for sole possession of the most 300+ shot seasons in NHL history.

Interestingly, he’s achieved that mark yet again despite the fact that his shots-per-game rate has dipped to the third-lowest of his career, averaging “just” 4.03 shots per game. He was even held shotless in Tuesday’s win over New Jersey, one of just 16 times he’s been held without a single shot in either the regular season or the playoffs (and just the second time in his career in which he was also held to zero shot attempts overall).

Ovechkin now sits fourth all-time in shots on goal with a grand total of 5,197.