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The Noon Number: Toothless

A look at a rare shutdown performance against a high-octane offense

NHL: Washington Capitals at San Jose Sharks Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

1 - Number of goals given up by the Capitals last night in their dominant 5-1 victory in San Jose. That’s just the fifth time this season that the Sharks have been held to one goal or less, and just the second game in which they’ve been held to exactly one goal - both League-best (the latter tied with Boston). The last time San Jose scored only once was way back in November in a 4-1 loss to Columbus.

While the Sharks have rarely been limited in their offense, the Caps have rarely limited their opponents as much as they did last night. The victory marked just the seventh time this season in which the Caps have held the other team to a single marker, which puts them in the bottom-third of the League in that department, and just the tenth time they’ve kept teams under two goals (ditto).