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Tuesday Caps Clips: Capitals vs. Flyers Game Day

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The Gritties pay a visit, reading the first half tea leaves and more.

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NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Your savory breakfast of champions links:

  • In which young Jonas Siegenthaler surveys the world at the NHL level, and decides he likes it just fine. [Rink]
  • The Caps’ week ahead has that East Coast swing. [Rink]
  • Previews of tonight’s rumpus with Philly from Vogs, NHL, NBCSW, NoVa Caps and Peerless, and be sure to visit our SB Nation pals over at Broad Street Hockey for the other side of tonight’s game.
  • The good, the bad, and the best quotes from the first half of the season. [The Athletic]
  • Stats for the halftime show. [NoVa Caps]
  • Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most middling team of all? Plus thoughts on power rankings. [The Athletic]
  • The Caps look down their list and see consistency. [WashTimes]
  • Speaking of consistency, czech out Michal Kempny. [NHL]
  • Say hey, Travis Boyd. [WaPo]
  • “Team branding is an inexact science.” A brief history of the Capitals’ Capitals logo. [THW]
  • Quick, someone go tell the NHL that their policy requiring Alex Ovechkin to sit one game only hurts the League. [elitesportny]
  • Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crobsy, the NHL’s Sunshine Boys. [Toronto Sun]
  • Papa Ovi made a few new commercials for Papa John, in Russia. [RMNB]