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The Noon Number: Evgeny Means Necessary

A look at how #92 has defied early expectations

Florida Panthers v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

26 - The place at which Evgeny Kuznetsov was drafted back in 2010. With an assist on the opening tally of last night’s win, Kuznetsov became just the third player to have been drafted 26th or later to hit that milestone since his draft year (and the first from the 2010 draft class), joining Nikita Kucherov (403 points, 58th overall in 2011) and Johnny Gaudreau (350 points, 104th overall in 2011)

Kuznetsov is also one of only three active players to have racked up at least 300 points in fewer than 400 games, joining Connor McDavid (318 points in 250 games) and Johnny Gaudreau (350 points in 355 games) in that exclusive club.