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The Noon Number: 200-Foot Failure

A look at some recent struggles on both ends of the ice

Columbus Blue Jackets v Washington Capitals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

28.13 - The Capitals’ scoring-chance goals-for percentage (SCGF%) at five-on-five during their current seven-game losing streak, worst in the League over that span (the Caps have scored nine goals on “scoring chances” and yielded 23). It’s also a significant drop-off from their season-long SCGF%, which is at exactly 50% for the year.

Unfortunately while they’re not capitalizing on their own chances, they’re also not doing much in the way of turning aside the other team’s chances - the Caps’ save percentage on scoring chances over the last seven games is just .795, well off the League average of .865 and another significant drop from how they’ve performed over the course of the season (.854).